25 Responses to “Stress Relief – Tech N9ne – The Lost Scripts Of KOD”
  1. lorenzo181000 says:

    ooooo shit this song is so badddddddddd asssssssssssss im download this song

  2. Baller22 says:

    this is a good ass fighting song

  3. LowHighKing says:

    I heard what you said, she had sex wit how?
    You Fukin whore!

  4. LowHighKing says:

    @flashtastik yup yup nothin more than someone besides me who knows there shit

  5. Blaze58316 says:


  6. unbelievablecdon says:


  7. ricerman1 says:

    @VOR530mx word, tech it the greatest thing to hit music scene the shit started!

  8. VOR530mx says:

    this shit is badass!!! this is why i love tech n9ne

  9. IgntDarkness says:

    Hardest Song Ever!… Not too Lyrical.. but Thats the Point…its called Stress Relief.. its Exactly what it Needs to be.

  10. damndisplace07 says:


  11. nnutthowze2008 says:


    try downloading the new youtube downloader i redownloaded it aint had no trouble yet

  12. unbelievablecdon says:

    @flashtastik you can get it on strangemusic . net…thats where im gettin mine,its just not in stores i think

  13. PotawatomiThunder says:

    @flashtastik thanks for the info. But the actual CD of this is available, iTunes wasn’t the only place it was released.

  14. flashtastik says:

    This isn’t a cut.. He wrote the tracks for this after K.O.D. was done being made.. The 5 beats on here (aside from like I died) were supposed to be tracks on the K.O.D. album, but wouldnt fit. So tech wrote some more shit and released these tracks to itunes..

  15. razorramone63139 says:

    This song is perfect for when I get pissed off at work.

  16. remix696 says:

    @paisano85 Dude you cant even say that at all, everyone knows tech goes hard on everything! you sayin hes not aloud 1 song to just go fuckin crazy?? i actually like it because its so simple and heavy man.

  17. remix696 says:

    @benjamen19 Actually you can! haha instantly i googled it, get the youtube downloader 2.5.1 ?? something close to that, i just got cognitos vid from here with this youtube update =]

  18. doopypeanut says:

    @paisano85 do you have down syndrome or something. read the song title

  19. steviafiend247 says:

    mr paisa u think 2 hard homez sumtimes less is more

  20. steviafiend247 says:

    mr paisa u think 2 hard homez sumtimes less is more

  21. steviafiend247 says:

    its not a cut its new trax after kod

  22. steviafiend247 says:

    exactly how ive been feelin latley

  23. paisano85 says:

    Tech’s weakest lyrical songs ever. “Ahh Shit, Mother Fucker, I’m Gonna Kick Your Fuckin Ass”. Cmon Tech. We know you can go so much harder. You couldn’t think of anything better for the chorus? You have made tons of angry tracks, but this particular song is weak. Much love to you Tech.

  24. wickedclownkrazyk478 says:

    the lost scripts is bad ass

  25. GoliathBlock says:

    THIS IS AN EPIC SONG!!!!!!!!!!