14 Responses to “Stress Relief Mindfulness Meditation Exercise”
  1. brucinda01 says:

    Thankyou for this simple guided meditation. I use this video to guide my meditation and it’s really good. It helps to still my mind and helps me with stress. :)

  2. arumseed says:

    Do you practice EFT? :) Arum

  3. BendyCowgirl says:

    great, thank you

  4. Archie0pteryx says:

    I don’t know if it the bell itself or some recordeing distortion but I found that bell sound had some very high overtones that were quite painful. I’m sorry I couldn’t watch the entirety of the video, maybe if the sound quality was imporved.

  5. thewilddivine says:

    Nice video, love the way the bell resonates.

  6. fourgates4591 says:

    Sound it energy. Positive energy releases healing endorphins(hormones) in your body which creates a sense of well being, happiness and joy.

    Listen to mantra, uplifting music and healing sound daily.

    Blessings and warm wishes,


  7. fourgates4591 says:

    Yes, “guiding” your thoughts can be helpful, however, engaging the mind will activate it more, rather than resting the mind. What ever you focus on will grow. Even positive thought can become habituated.

    Warm wishes


  8. budddhas says:

    i need a robe where do i get one?

  9. phoecena says:

    Christopher – thanks for the guide. I found that it can be useful if you concentrate on guiding the thoughts to restfulness with positive thoughts. When I focus my mind, your voice comes back and tells me that my mind may wander… and that causes it to wander, it would be more productive to say, focus on your breath, and repeat the actions that we need to do. Just a suggesttion for your next video.

  10. huntercross14 says:

    i dont knoe why but i want to hear that sound ring again and again

  11. helpthepoor2learn says:

    You are tibet buddist?

  12. poooopel says:

    not for me

  13. captivateddawn says:

    dang…i had my earphones kinda turned up..that ring gong hurt like hell hahaha nice video :]

  14. danielfarrell2008 says:

    Very good video,
    he said try to intergrate mindfullness into your life………mindfullness is life